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The Janoskians!

The Janoskians are a group of boys from melbourne who started off recording funny videos and posting them on youtube just for a bit of fun. The regulars in this group include the three brothers Beau Brooks 18 and (the twins) Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks 17 and then two of their friends Daniel Sahyounie (Skip) 17 and James Yammouni 17. they also have another popular guy from youtube who sometimes joins them in some of there videos Ted (immrteddy) 18. Janoskian is a word the boys made up which means ‘Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation’. They joined youtube as the Janoskians on July the 7th 2011, and they started the Daresundays account on January 29th 2012. they have also recently started posting videos to another youtube channel ‘daresundays’ where people give them dares and they do them and see who can win the challenge. The Janoskians have become extremly popular in such a short amount of time and currently have 218,628 subscribers and 23,504,424 video views and on their daresundays account they have 99,936 subscribers and 5,023,505 video views. The Janoskians are currently going around australia doing meet and greets so far they have done one in Melbourne and Sydney and are due to go to Queensland on the 23rd of june.frome left:Skip, Luke, Beau, Jai, James

 The Janoskians logo

daresundays: from left Luke, Beau, Ted, Jai, Skip

One of many of the well knwon Janoskian videos, which has recieved 1,875,973 views.

awkward traing situations, the funniest thing about this cideo is imaginging what you would do if you were on this train with them. it probally wouldnt be as funny if you were there and more creepy but watching it on youtube safe in your own home is hilarious, and amazing how the boys can do all of this stuff without being emarresesd.

“We dont know anyone so theres no reason to be embarresed-Luke Brooks”

A daresundays challenge. (warning there may contain vomitng.)

I never thought that watching a bunch of guys continuslouly vomiting could be so funny but during and after watching this video i could not stop laughing about it for ages, the boys can make them just having fun and being silly appeal to so many people in such a weird way but its just so funny!

The Janoskians are very thankful to their fans and dont forget to mention it, the frequently post videos to their janoskianblog account on youtube where they read out fan mail and thank everyone for their support, and they also post some other random videos on this channel.

“you guys make the janoskians, you guys are the janoskians-beau brooks”


jersey shore

for my peice of propaganda my target market was people aging from about 20-26 (the most common age group who party at jersey shore) and generally more nerdy men who want to look hot! i was targeting the nerdy people who would still be living at home with there parents and playing xbox and not having a girlfriend. my propaganda is trying to convince these nerds that if they go to jersey shore they will become good looking, tank and popular. the stereotypical nerdwears glasses, harry highpants and are normally very pale and have pimples. where as ronnie (well known from the tv series ‘jersey shore’) is very tanned, buff and good looking. so that is why i used the pictures i did because girls would much rather date ronnie rather then the nerd!


jersey shore!!!!


go to jersey shore and see the transformation!

has the internet made the news more or less reliable?

Has the internet made the news more or less reliable? If you go onto the internet and Google a question these days you will usually get a heap of different answers and it’s hard to tell which is the right or correct answer. So then people just pick one and go with it and then will argue that it’s a fact when they know it might not be the right answer. Therefore the internet has made some news less reliable but in saying that it is a whole lot easier to access some information and news but the problem is you just don’t know wether or not you’re always going to get the right or an accurate answer. Also with the internet anyone can post something rather the news being carefully chosen by an organisation therefore anyone can post anything whenever they want which can leak out some news that other people would try to keep hidden away. And so then we can have better or true sources for our news but the trouble with that is you can never know what the truth actually is or what is just a rumour. Which still points out the fact that you can never be sure what’s just a rumour? but usually the news would have to have some kind of fact to back up the story for a newspaper or news TV show to run the story to make sure they can keep up there reputation. So in my opinion the internet hasn’t made the news much less reliable if you know where to look because all news can have holes, lies, and missing fact to completely change a story.

Funny Fails! :D

YouTube is a great place to watch people fail in so many different and entertaining ways!!! 😀


Trampoline fails:

Trampoline fails are always hilarious because there’s so many ways to hurt your self with one bouncy mat attached to springs its never going to end well. 🙂

Trampoline fails!!!


Prank fails:

When people try to prank other people and fail and it hits them back in the face, sometimes quite literally!


Rage fails:

People getting so angry and having an extremely entertaining hissy fit in front of everyone that sometimes backfires!!!!


Fat people fails:

Ok lets face it what’s not funny about fat people failing i mean the bigger they are the harder they fall!!!… or fail in this case. 🙂


Shooting fails:

People in possession of dangerous weapons and failing to read the safety instructions? :/ slightly concerning that these people can get anywhere near these weapons!!! but still very funny when your no where near them. 🙂


Parkour fails:

People showing of to their friends and thinking that they are ninjas! when now there not going to be able to move for at least a week… :/


Cheerleading fail:

A team of cheerleaders performing to a crowd of people and then fail and embarrass themselves in front of everyone!!! 😀 and possibly seriously injure… :/ what is funnier then that?


Dancing fails:

People should really watch what there doing when there ‘attempting’ to dance, it never ends well if they don’t. which is good for the people who get to watch it! 😀



Just all fails in general which include when someone is in pain, breaks something or is extremely humiliated! 😀

Moral of the story, if you really want to attempt something so stupid do it where there are no witnesses and definitely no cameras!


It is here:


All the other assessment tasks for this unit will be placed on this blog too.

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